Why TaG?


TaGCycle ™ are cycling workouts which have been formulated from our massive archives of personal training on our journey to 4 Olympic Appearances. These were developed with input from our finest coaching mentors and Canadian Olympic Coaches.

The indoor bikes we train with enable us to share with you decades of our Olympic training using “Wattage” and “Cadence”.  Wattage is how hard you are pushing on the pedals, a measure of Power.  Cadence is how fast your legs are moving.  The workout is tailored to your individual needs by offering a fitness “test” (after an orientation session).  This fitness “test” is not to see if you are fit or not, but rather to determine the wattages that you will be training/riding with to improve your fitness.

Each week the indoor workouts are specifically made to improve your fitness in the off season and to prepare you for the cycling outdoor season. We have seen improvements of over 30% in 12 weeks with our programs. One of the added benefits of riding with TaG , is that as professional cyclists, we understand the importance of fitting the bike properly and using proper footwear and pedals.Your bikes will be set up to your specifications prior to every class. You just have to hop on. Riders may use road or mtb pedals and shoes of your choice.

Come and join us at one of our Cycling Studios. North Vancouver | Vancouver | Whistler