Whistler TaG studio opens October 18

Whistler TaG Classes return  October 18 and more times will be added into the winter season. Please note that the Whistler iteration of the mobile app is no longer in use and will be deleted as of October 28. All classes can now be booked from the North Vancouver app or as usual from your desktop computer.

Stay tuned for news of our new enduro specific classes with a celebrity coach coming soon!

Starting with the following schedule for shoulder season, the following 60 minute Whistler classes can be booked on the Whistler TaG Schedule :

  • Monday 9:30am with Chloe Cross
  • Tuesday at 6:30pm with Matt Barth
  • Wednesday at 9:30am with Trish Sinclair
  • Thursday at 6:30pm with Ted Battiston
  • Saturday at 7:30am with Ted Battiston