Tom Pawlowski

My daughter Kaitlin was in the last installment of the Monday sessions. She loved it!  You run such a great program. The format, structure, and the expert coaching/instruction/individual_attention are unbelievable. Above all, it’s obviously a lot of fun too – my daughter wants to keep taking these sessions. She won’t be able to restart until the Spring though – we live in Port Moody and she goes to school in Coquitlam, while I work in Richmond, so I have to take some holiday half/days just to bring her to the practice, so we’ll need to reserve the few valuable sessions for the Spring (and Fall) – she’s continuing with spinning in our basement once a week in the meantime – using the inspiration you’ve provided. We’ll see you again in a couple of months and hope to do more/expand on the training in the future. -Tom Pawlowski (Father of Kaitlin Pawlowski- member of Hollyburn XC Ski Team).