Todd Woodward

TaG guided me through my first cycling season with the perfect mixture
of fun, support and professionalism. Would have gotten nowhere without
Tracey helping with reminders about events and navigating the signups,
and providing support on rides. The indoor sessions with Steve were
great, I learned about cadence and power and saw how much I had to
improve. When the weather got better the Sunday club rides let me see
weekly improvement. Sam and Harry taught me so much about how to stay
close(!) to the riders in front and technique on hills. Then came the
endurance rides. I’m pretty sure it was no coincidence that I was in
Lesley’s group almost every endurance ride. I think she wants to make
sure that new riders are TaG trained quickly, and that I was. She
taught me so much about staying on top of your gears, especially
coming into hills, maintaining a steady cadence, pedalling downhill,
relaxing the shoulders, how to pull off efficiently (demonstrated with
sticks!), to not surge when it’s your turn at the front. The voices of
Steve, Sam, Harry and especially Lesley were on my mind throughout my
first Fondo, 2017, at 50 years old. Really wanted to make sure I felt
good at the end, but didn’t want to leave anything on the road, and I
think I did that, finished in 4:48. I’ll try to beat that time next
year. Felt great the whole ride though. Thank you TaG! You all taught
me so much. Todd Woodward