Tanja Knapp

Tanja Knapp Beginner Rider turned podium finisher in her first Triathlon

“After reaching, what I believed to be the peak of my half-marathon career, it was time to take my fitness adventures to a new level with attending my first sprint triathlon. As a newbie I joined TaG’s indoor cycling classes twice a week three month before the Subaru Triathlon at Jericho Beach. I had zero experience in regards to road cycling. Six days before the event Jay took me outdoors on my new SCOTT road bike for the first time.

The triathlon was a blast. After a mediocre swim I was passing fellow athletes on a consistent basis on the bike and the run. I finished 3rd in my age group. For a first sprint triathlon this is an unbelievable result. My strategy of eating right and training hard with TaG worked wonders.

Lesley, Gina and their friendly and supportive team really understand how to create a fun and super efficient workout at the same time. The indoor classes are perfect for pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone and learning about your aerobic and anaerobic threshold as well as the different cadences. The outdoor class introduced me to rider’s etiquette, riding comfortable in a group and technique skills on the road bike.

I will definitely continue my getting stronger journey with TaG and I think that any weekend-warrior like me would benefit from riding with TaG.

Thank you TaG for being such a supportive part in my athletic career.”

Tanja Knapp
Nutritionist, Blogger and Founder of MakingErnst.com