TaG Race Team Update

It has been a rough year for everyone. But as a young athlete in key years of development it has challenged all facets of maintaining motivation. Adjusting to a new normal and looking forward to an uncertain future.

I feel proud of our TaG Cycling Racers in the challenges they have set themselves and conquered.

Our current Canadian National Junior ITT Champion, Jacob Rubuliak set an early Everesting (8848meters of climbing) Canadian Record of 9 hrs and 33 mins. After weeks earlier completing a 507km ride from Kelowna to Victoria in 1 day. 170km of this via gravel trails.

Emilly Johnson, also missing her final junior year,raced in a continental tour field in a “virtual” stage race that is heavily impacted by pure power to weight output. Emilly placed top 10 in a very strong field of the senior womens peloton. Facing world champions and top tour riders from all over the world!

Jackson Bocksnick and Ethan Pauly rode side by side on Bear Mtn..61 laps to achieve the Everest height. This raised money for disadvantaged kids in Victoria’s KidsSport. 

Ana Large did an 10 hour epic gravel challenge around the entire Okanagan Lake.

Caleb Bender also did an everesting challenge and raised over $4000 for MS.

I am very proud of the initiatives and drive they have all shown during this time.

One of our Spring Europe Tour objectives suddenly re-opened when they rescheduled to Sept 17 and our invite was extended. The Ronde de L’Isard in Southern France. This is a U23 Nations Cup. Normally only offered to National Team. We are very exciting that our team can ride this race. Essentially as their key objective for the year.

Axel Froner,Ethan Pauly,Thomas Schellenberg and Evan Russel will be joined by Jean Denis Thibault of Quebec who is based in France. The team will travel and have to quarantine initially at a team house. They are under the guidance of a high level team staff support who are all based in France. It is a great opportunity for the riders who have not been able to race in anything but virtual competitions since their early tour in Arizona back in February.

They will compete in the 4 stage Ronde de L’Isard from September 17-20.


They will race 4 mountainous stages in the southern part of France. As a Nations Cup which is usually only open to National Teams and UCI Teams, TaG was accepted with the help of some long time contacts in the region, and support of the National Team.

We will keep you posted on the progress. Thank you again for making this a possibility. Thank you to Bernard Leroux for joining in the support of this effort.

All the Best

Lesley Tomlinson