TaG Climbing Challenge Results

TaG Climbing Challenge Results… July 18, 2020

Congratulations to all TaG Riders who participated in the TaG Climbing Challenge. Marcel and Lesley put together climbing goals in Whistler and the Lower mainland.   . Over 79 riders participated over 30 days …. Here are the results

Team Climbing Challenge – 4 segments (2-4 riders)
1st place in each riding group – Polka Jersey
  • ESPRESSO – Tequila and 2X Beer – Colleen , Mark H, Sam M
  • MACHIATTO – We Ride for Rose – Kathleen, Karen W , Sandra W
  • XTRA SHOT  – White Lightening-   Tiffany, David F, Harvey
Solo Climbing Challenge – accumulated climbing elevation
1st place in each riding group
  • ESPRESSO – Sam B
  • MACHIATTO – Rob Mc
  • XTRA SHOT – Gaylean S
  • LATTE – Sandra L
  • TaG COACH – Sam

Bonus “Everest-ing”

Bragging rights for every TaG Club rider that completes one of the following climbing totals (elevation in m) within the 4 week timeframe

Mt Logan  6000m Jane L, Matt M, Matti S, Suzanne S
Machapuchare 7000m–  Derek G, Kim F, Annabel, Harvey,  Brandy Z, Sharon A, Andrew J
Annapurna 8100m –  Laddie, Sandy F, Mark H, Mike B, Vincent
Everest  8800m – Kevin M, Darcie Y, Nikki S, Sarah M, Sarah F, Andrea, Colleen, Ted, Karin J, Mike S, Sam M, Chloe, Sandra W, Karen W
2 peaks  13,000m – Sandra L, Jay M, Marcel , Kathleen, Goody, Paul J, Gaylean, David S, Beth T, Sam M, Rob M, Dave I, Geoff C
3 Peaks  21,200m – Sam B