TaG Athletes at Ironman Canada, Whistler B.C.

Ironman Canada descended upon beautiful Whistler BC and the weather Gods thought they would up the challenge, as if it weren’t already enough.
They threw sideways rain and freezing temperatures at the 1948 brave souls,It even snowed on the mountain!! Imagine. You trained in hot, hot weather and then THAT happens.
Our TaG Athletes were not hindered.
Colleen Grey Hewett still achieved all her goals and finished 2nd in her age group at 11:08, with an invitation to Ironman Worlds in Kona, Hawaii. She had the fastest bike split smoking over the hilly course at barely under 30km per hour for the 180km!!.
All smiles were Sandra Wilson, Harvey Dykes and Kathleen Negraeff. All completing the race in 14 hrs and under.
Not to be left out..TaG Youth Race Team member, Max Kelsch was an official Ironman mechanic. Way to go Max.
Congrats to our TaG athletes and to all the 1500 finishers.
There was so much spirit out there.