Sports Nutrition Consultation with Colleen Gray-Hewett

Book your Sports Nutrition Consultation with Colleen Gray-Hewett -Monday or Tuesday @ North Van TaG Studio -or  email TaG for alternate times

60 minute Private Consultation – You will complete a comprehensive evaluation of your current nutrition and goals  prior to your consultation.

Learn how to fuel workouts , long events or multi-day events;  how to support injuries or healthy aging with nutrition or how to  transition to a more plant-based diet.  Discuss macronutrients (Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats as well as Fibre) and how these factor into both day-to-day life and/or more intense training (how much is needed, where to source from).  Discuss sports nutrition; how is your current nutrition working (gut issues?  bonking? Feel fine for first 3 hours then…. or all good?)

You will receive a written report summarizing your consultation  and recommendations. Book your consult online or email TaG –   $150 initial Consultation

  • Colleen has  been working with Lesley, Gina and the TaG Team since it opened doors  and grown immensely as an athlete and cyclist.  Studying nutrition has  been a passion and a natural extension to cycling/triathlon training and racing.  Colleen is Certified Holistic Nutritionist; Trainer for Eat Real to Heal (Richer Health, Whistler, BC); and Certified Vegan Lifestyle Coach & Educator.