Pam’s Fund for Youth Cycling

Pam’s love for cycling and the friends she made through the sport made it one of her great passions in life next to her family.  She traveled the world exploring and enjoying the always different perspective when experienced from a bicycle.

Pam was so appreciative of her talented cycling coaches, and of the young riders she met in the sport. Her family wished to extend that appreciation in her memory by creating a fund dedicated to Cycling Youths with World and Olympic dreams. Who, regardless of where they may find their own limit..their journey will be inspiring to all.
These riders become mentors  to pass their passion and skill onto further generations of cyclists. And youth and adults alike will benefit from their inspirational journey.

Climbing another mountain , Pam and Lesley in Corsica

Thank you Pam. Your Spirit will Ride with us Forever.

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Pam with best riding buddies Donna and Fiona after conquering Mt Baker











I wanted to be able to say how much Pam will be missed and she would love this fund.  She always said TaG changed her life – I can relate-and to support nextgen would really make her happy.  It is because of TaG that Pam and I came back together later in our lives and it has shifted the last 8 years of my life.  I will miss her so much… 
If you are passing comments on please pass this on…..Joan