Lord of the Squirrels – August 2019

… You missed it – Look for this EPIC ride to return summer 2020 …

LORD OF THE SQUIRRELS – August 3 , 2019

It is always a wait in anticipation for this one. Snow has to clear.. flowers come out..and we have this Epic ride into the Alpine..

  • Meeting Place: Nita Lake Lodge The Fix Café. Parking may be best in the Whistler Creekside Parkade underground and ride across to Nita Lake. There is all day free parking.

The Alpine MTB Epic     LOS Video

Into the Mystic is machine-built and designated as a climbing trail, But not a walk in the park. However, the trail is smooth and devoid of any technical features, it is a relentless climb of 8km. You’ll gain 3,000′ of elevation, which equates to an average grade of 11.5%. Hey its Mountain Biking!

Much of the climb is beneath towering hemlock, red cedar, fir, and spruce trees, so even if it’s hot, you’ll have cover from the sun. Streams and waterfalls line the trail.The transition into the alpine is abrupt — one minute you’re riding in the trees and the next, you’re in a huge alpine meadow.

On the Rocks connects Into the Mystic with Lord of the Squirrels.As the name suggests, there are rocks on the trail, but there’s nothing overly technical or challenging. It’s just over 3km in length with about 600′ of climbing, most of which is gained in the first mile. The summit of On the Rocks also serves as the highpoint of the ride, at nearly 6,000′. Stunning views of Whistler, Blackcomb, and the rest of the Coast Mountains surround you. Catch your breath, grab a snack, and put your knee pads on — you’re about to go down.

Once On the Rocks meets Lord of the Squirrels, you’re nearly out of the alpine, but the descending is just beginning. The raw, hand-cut trail is the exact opposite of Into the Mystic. It’s classified as a blue trail — and it certainly is by Whistler’s standards there are plenty of small rock rolls, roots, and tight switchbacks to keep you on your toes. Sight lines are excellent, , and once you start to get into the rhythm of the trail, confidence increases and your brakes open up. Stay focused, but trust that the trail builders aren’t going to run you into anything sketchy.

Lord of the Squirrels like any good trail it does have its own unique flow. A fast group may take 3-3 ½ hrs. Many riders take their time..have a stop for lunch in the Alpine and make it a 5-5 ½ hr day.

Join us for this great ride.

  • Fitness is key on this. So if your skills are more blue level but fitness is good. This will be an awesome day. Higher level skill set will help compensate for a little less fitness. But a climb is a climb. Do be prepared for 1 ½ to 2 ½ hrs up depending on your pace.


Date: August 3 @9am
Cost: $49 (TaG Club members $39)
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