Kevin Calhoun

Kev-Calhoun-Tuesday_Nighter_111I have been riding, racing and training for years, always achieving similar results. Some high’s, some low’s but always in and around the same. While it has been a lot of fun and I wouldn’t change any of it, I have always felt that if I actually took the time to get some proper training advice and coaching structure, maybe I could find that perfect balance between not having to ride my brains out to keep up and compete and not burn myself out on the other end. I have been super fortunate to have some great friends in cycling, some of whom are Canada’s most recognized and celebrated cyclists. While they have always been my friends first, athletes second I was always a little timid to ask for some advice. When Lesley mentioned to me that she was starting up TaG Cycling with Gina Grain, I took the opportunity to ask if they could help me out with some basics on how to improve my riding by training smarter. Over the last year the results have been really impressive as far as I am concerned. I have managed to avoid the huge peaks and valleys that have plagued my racing for years and allowed me to have one of my most consistent seasons racing wise. The results show it. On a personal level, I am left feeling much more at ease in my mind knowing that the training advice I am getting and efforts I am putting thru in the Indoor Cycling classes are the right amount of work and strength needed to help me maintain a level of fitness that enables me to compete with riders who have far less demanding schedules than that of my own. For me, working with Lesley, Gina and the rest of the TaG Team has been a huge reward and I only wish I had starting working with them sooner! – Kevin Calhoun, BC Mountain Bike Pro Champion