G&T Strength Cycling Series – On Demand

G & T Strength Cycling series – On Demand 
Gina Grain and Lesley Tomlinson  have put together a 6 week program that you can do on your own time using virtual mediums.

This exclusive TaG Program offers Strength training you can do at home after the orientation and Intro session. Lead by Olympian and Strength specialist Gina Grain. Gina is a Founder of TaG Cycling and a Cycling Olympian. Gina has been a part of the TaG family and offers her specialty of Strength Training for Cyclists to our riders each year.

Lesley T adds a Bike Strength Test  for riders to set the bar so to speak plus  4  strength workouts on the bike.  Gauge how well you are progressing as you combine the supporting exercises and the pedal strokes!
  • Gina’s online video orientation and 6 week training guide 
  • On the bike Strength assessment with Lesley T
  • 2 On the bike strength workouts by private video
Please email TaG for more information