Mobility Assessment with Gina Grain


Gina Mobility Assessment 

Gina Grain has developed a movement quality assessment that you can now do on your own.  The Movement Quality Home Assessment will help you determine how well your body moves and what specifically you need to address to improve movement, increase cycling efficiency and reduce the chance for injury.

The assessment requires you to perform basic movements and score yourself a “yes” or a “no” on your assessment sheet. Once the areas that need improvement are identified, specific exercises in the Exercise Library will help you to correct compensation or movement dysfunctions.

The Exercise Library includes:

14 Exercise Programs to match and improve each Movement in the Movement Quality Home Assessment. All programs are directed with videos.
SMR (self myofacial release), foam roller and ball rolling to improve circulation, reduce muscle and muscle facial tightness specific to what you need.
Focused stretches to help mobilize the area indicated on your assessment.
Muscle Activation exercises to recruit your muscles and have them work more efficiently.
Stabilization, core and integrated exercises to build a strong foundation.

Gina Grain, MSc. Exercise Science

Strength and Conditioning | Sports Performance Coach
Canadian Olympian