Duncan White

I am now starting my third season of training with TaG and continue to enjoy the terrific enthusiasm that Lesley and Gina bring to their sport. After starting in the small studio in West Van, it is great to be training in their new, purpose built facility that offers lots of natural light, open windows and cooling fans! Lesley and Gina, along with their fellow cycling professionals Greg, Bryan and Andrew, make a fantastic team as your training partner. I don’t believe there is another group in Vancouver that can match their vast wealth of experience and knowledge of cycling. However, it is their ability to communicate that knowledge to new members of the cycling community that sets TaG even farther apart from any other cycling club. Their enthusiasm is infectious and drives you to work harder every time you’re on the bike. Unlike some professional athletes, the TaG team never comes across as superior but instead go to great lengths to ensure you understand the what and why of cycling techniques and strategy. The indoor sessions (including the much feared MAP test) are always varied, changing every time and follow a great program that makes sure you are prepared for the Spring and Summer cycling season. I have greatly enjoyed the group rides that TaG has organized (having taken advantage of the support vehicles on more than one occasion) and the Specific Intensity workout rides are a fantastic way to learn to ride in groups, develop riding etiquette and good cycling techniques – and be humbled by some of the Canadian National Team guest riders. Look forward to seeing you at TaG! – Duncan White, aspiring cyclist