Donna Begg

I started biking in 2009 … kicking and screaming after a knee injury. I told our running group and anyone that would listen that we had to get bikes.  After bungling around on our bikes we quickly realized we needed a bike coach …we hadn’t a clue!  My girlfriends knew Lesley from highschool so I called her for help.  Lesley was approachable and non judgemental. Who knew an Olympian would want anything to do with us! Lesley’s true passion for cycling was evident from the beginning….. little did we know that we too would become as passionate.

TaG sessions are not competitive.  Everyone has their own program. This is vital to me. The skills learned in class and on the road are all transferable to the sport. My friends and I have all made huge increases in our fitness levels and bike skills. I now ride confidently. I have rode Tour de France climbs, fondo and take bike trips around the world.
Biking has changed the way I look at life.   My holiday and free time almost always includes biking. I truly treasure this life skill. Thank-you  – Donna Begg