Coaches Corner – Coaching Tips before a Big Event

A Few days to go before a big event. Make sure you dont add any hard training sessions.Days off and active recovery a few days out is a wise choice. Make sure to do a bit of a ride the day before the event to get the blood moving again. Ride up a couple of short hills (1 or 2 mins) at a medium pace. But keep it short 1 to 1 1/2 hrs is plenty

  • 1. Rest Days or Recoup Days are as important as training days. The body absorbs and assimilates the training whilst it is getting a break. Avoid the trap of training with out a Hard and Easy approach. Rest days are a great reward and a key part of training”

Note. If you are following our Faster Fondo Training..there are rest days and easy weeks built in to guide you through this concept.

  • 2. Challenging conditions can be an advantage if you embrace them and prepare. Anything but perfect conditions will cause some riders to despair and we all have our favourites. Half the battle will be won in your mind and in preparation. Dress appropriately for heat or wet.. be positive and think about the advantage you have in being mentally and physically prepared for what is ahead.
  • 3. Learn what works for breakfast. Practise on training days what you will eat for breakfast on event day and have it with you or make sure it is available. Eat early enough to digest your food and then take some bites of a bar closer to the start to top up.
  • 4. Decide what you need for Warm up. Even if the event is quite long a good warm up to the start will help in not having legs feel like lead when you ask them to go.
  • 5. Watch the Tour
  • 6. Ride with friends in training that are faster some days and friends who are slower others. Plan to ride with your slower friends on your easy days. Relax and enjoy..dont push them to ride too hard. Plan to ride with your faster friends on your hard days and use their pace to push you. Don’t always ride with one or the other.
  • 7. Pace Yourself. We do lots of interval training that is well above where you will ride in a long event. It will depend on your level and goals.As a guideline it would be reasonable to expect that you ride about 60% or 6/10 effort with pushes that climb above that periodically. A more experienced or advanced rider will have a higher average generated by more frequent hard intense efforts during the ride. Putting their overall Physical Stress level higher than that of a less advanced rider.

…Lesley Tomlinson