TaGCycle ™ Classes

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Join TaGCycle indoors and outdoors  with a selection of workouts.  Each week the workouts are specifically made to improve your fitness and develop specific physiological systems that prepare you for the demands of cycling and many other sports. The indoor bikes we train with enable us to share with you decades of our Olympic training using “Wattage” and “Cadence”.  Wattage is  a measure of Power.  Cadence is leg speed and an important component of generating this power.  The workout is tailored to your individual needs by offering a fitness “test” called a Maximum Aerobic Power (MAP) test (after an orientation session).  This test is not to determine “if” you are fit, but rather to determine the wattages that apply to you personally, which will improve your fitness. We have seen improvements of over 30% in 12 weeks with our programs. TaG Training Outdoor includes  Road and MTB -Power Hour hills sessions ,  rides and  clinics .

TaG Virtual Classes

VIRTUAL Livestreaming Classes

  30 min – 90 min Virtual classes include: TaGCafe, TaGCycle, TaG Endurance,   TaG +Core and Zwift –  Livestream via Zoom  $59/ month Unlimited  auto renewal 

TaG Online Video workouts

Join TaG coaches  in a series of online video workouts on the TaG YouTube Channel . Private On Demand Video  training camps available include Whistler Granfondo  Progression Training, Strength and Core, and  BCBR Winter Training camps. 


TaGCycle™  60 minute

This class is designed to accelerate your cycling level and help you achieve your goals, whether that is an improved Fondo, tackling a Trans Alp Event, a Mass Charity Ride or to ride with more experienced friends. It may simply be to move up the Strava Rankings on a favourite route! 60 minutes includes a warm-up, the workout portion and a cool down. The workout portion is intervals that follow a progressive format and periodized structure. The intervals are designed to address your needs for development in cycling specific zones and technique. Work will be done in specific power zones based on the Maximal Aerobic Power (MAP) test that is done at one of your first classes. TaGCycle Classic includes an MAP Test in your package. The test is taken during a regular class .

TaGCycle™ Endurance 90 minute

Weekly 90 min classes encourage you to do your long rides with us putting some back to back…90 minutes … slightly less intense intervals . Endurance 90 min classes are included in Unlimited and TaGCycle packages 

TaGCycle™ 75 minute

75 minute classes that are designed for cyclists with some history in training and the ability to “enjoy” or appreciate a harder class. . Expect a longer and harder session than you would find elsewhere. Highly recommended for riders looking for effective training for race goals and personal bests . This class is geared towards those wanting a more challenging format structured by a periodized plan. Riders will be pushed slightly harder than in a regular TaGCycle class.

 TaGCycle™ Cafe – 45 min

A shorter warmup plus TaG Workout

TaGCycle + Core – 60min

60 minute Cycle and Core Class. This class combines a challenging 30 minute bike workout with functional core workout and stretch. Specifically designed to strengthen and mobilize your body.

TaGCycle™ Outdoor

Join TaG for a variety of outdoor clinics , training weekends, coached group rides and progressive training regimes guaranteed to boost riding strength and improve overall proficiency as a cyclist. April – August 2020

Power Hour Road  60-75 min on Cypress & Whistler

A progression of intervals each week building physiological adaptation, strength and principles on the bike. All the elements you have worked on with us indoors now become practically applied to the bike. Pacing. Threshold riding. Accelerations. Gearing and Cadence Variations. Big Gear work. Strength. VO2 Max development -Bring a timing device to this class – North Shore Mtg Location – on Cypress @ the Worksyard , Whistler Mtg TBD – sign up by group

Sunday TaG Club Road

Join the TaG Club and ride Outdoor Sunday mornings, alternating routes. Sundays – TaG Club info

 Gravel,  MTB and Road – Outdoor clinics

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TaGCycle™ Trips

Nova Scotia , Okanagan, Croatia – Click here for Trip info