Whistler GranFondo – TaG Riders Donna and Ken

Donna Begg and Ken Ingram are 2 of the 29 riders who have ridden in every Whistler Granfondo since 2009 , Join them in September for one more ! DONNA’s story: “I started riding after a ski accident in 2009. I was a runner pre-accident so I talked a few of my running group into… Read More

Jane Weller #TaGTrained

Lesley, Gina, Grace, Brian, Harry, Tracy and all the other AMAZING coaches at TaG. It’s been a privilege and an honour having support from TaG. Those early morning classes, the Thursday night hill repeats and the wine and cheese occasions have all set me up to be a better cyclist these past few years. However,… Read More

Greg Veitch #TaGTrained

TransAlps has been one of the best athletic events that I have ever experienced –  the highs, lows, pain, suffering, adrenaline rush and exhilaration…all of it. A “moment in time”  that I will never forget for the rest of my life. .. Greg Vetch  

TaG Trained Travelers

Mike, Gaynor, Joanne, Sandra and Karen enjoying great roads, weather and scenery in France.  

Britt Janyk TaG Testimonial

When I raced we always used cycling as our cross training. So when I was on the bike coaching at TaG Cycling a few days before the Peak to Valley race and had intervals that were 5min long it was only normal for me to immediately relate it to what I would be doing on… Read More

Pam’s Fund for Youth Cycling

Pam’s love for cycling and the friends she made through the sport made it one of her great passions in life next to her family.  She traveled the world exploring and enjoying the always different perspective when experienced from a bicycle. Pam was so appreciative of her talented cycling coaches, and of the young riders… Read More

Todd Woodward

TaG guided me through my first cycling season with the perfect mixture of fun, support and professionalism. Would have gotten nowhere without Tracey helping with reminders about events and navigating the signups, and providing support on rides. The indoor sessions with Steve were great, I learned about cadence and power and saw how much I… Read More

Hershey Harriers Athletic Club

The Hershey Harriers Athletic Club (high school running) has been using TaG Cycling workouts for cross training for a number of years now. The workouts are excellent for our athletes that are nursing injuries and need intensive non impact focused workouts. We have also used TaG for off season training. It allows our athletes a… Read More