Coaches Corner – Quality and Chamois Cream

Coaches Corner Coaches Corner – Quality and Chamois Cream Short intense Quality training will not just help you be faster in short events, but also transfer to fitness for longer endurance in a nice efficient timeline. Its not all about how long in the saddle…but what you do with your time. in the saddle Chamois (Shammy)… Read More

Coaches Corner – Coaching Tips before a Big Event

A Few days to go before a big event. Make sure you dont add any hard training sessions.Days off and active recovery a few days out is a wise choice. Make sure to do a bit of a ride the day before the event to get the blood moving again. Ride up a couple of… Read More

Coaches Corner – Rest Days

Fondo Tips – Rest Days or Recoup Days are as important as training days. The body absorbs and assimilates the training whilst it is getting a break. Avoid the trap of training with out a Hard and Easy approach. Rest days are a great reward and a key part of training” Note. If you are… Read More