Brian Blamey

Brian Blamey medalist in BC Senior Games

“This summer I decided to compete in the BC Senior Games. The events were a 16k time trial, 60k road race, and 3k hill climb. Prior to this I had competed Brian Blamey copymostly in Gran Fondos of 120k+. I figured a such a big change in race distance required a change in my training. I’ve known Lesley for over 30 years and have attended TaG sessions for the last 4 years so I know about her experience and accomplishments in cycling. I asked if she could provide me with a training program for these events. The program and workouts she provided were specific to the races I was participating in, constantly adjusted for how I was feeling, and the feedback and suggestions were incredibly helpful in getting fully prepared for the Games. All three races went better than expected. Reflecting on my results and the experience I take away three thoughts: First, thanks to the workouts I was very fit for, and raced well in, all three races. Second, I raced as well on the 3rd day as I did on the first day so my recovery, from the workouts, was great, Third, I peaked at the right time. From my experience this is the most difficult part of a training program, being ready and at your best when it counts. Lesley had me rested and ready, both physically and mentally, for all three races. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. I would not have raced as well as I did without Lesley’s help. Thanks for everything.”