6 Week BCBR Winter Training Camp – On Demand

Looking for training motivation? We worked with our partners at BC Bike Race to come up with another great solution. TaG Cycling has always encouraged that goals..big and small will fuel your fire. 2021 is shaping up with some great initiatives that should keep you excited. Not riding BC Bike Race? The training will help you with any multi day goal or adventure and there are some to be announced by both BCBR and TaG Cycling. So let’s do some homework! – Now available On Demand

BCBR Winter Training Camp Part 1 and Part 2  are now  available in Private Video playlists – 6 Videos Each

Winter Session #1  

BC Bike Race requires a solid set of physical training and prep to tackle 7 days and an average of 1500 meters of climbing a day. A great challenge for Off Road enthusiasts that takes place in BC , the Mecca of Mountain Biking .This Incredible Single Track Adventure can be enjoyed to the fullest knowing you come in with the training, skills and knowledge you need. This portion is all indoors and focuses on physical prep. MTB Olympian and BCBR alumni, Lesley Tomlinson will coach the physiology and provide insights to having your best ride experience. Winter Session #1 is focused on Climbing

Winter Session #2 
Focus on higher threshold training systems and FTP work. As well as discussions on preparation and things to work on between classes
Cost: $49.00 Part 1/ $49 Part 2
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